With Tokenization trending in every aspect of work/life, Charter is to help bridge trillions worth of assets to blockchains.

Charter : Make Tokenization easy and possible for individuals, organizations and assets.

Problem in Real World

Poor Asset Liquidity

Due to the assets of the deadline and legal process, the transfer of assets need to transfer often, some for several months.

For example, the assets need to wait for months or even years to know that the next round of financing can be traded for equity in the primary market. Due diligence investigation and industrial and commercial change procedures in each delivery process have been greatly restricted asset transfer efficiency for several months.

The Enjoyment of Minority

Two billion people worldwide do not yet have a bank account and can not enjoy the conveniences and wealth added in the financial community.

Expensive Intermediary Fees

Centralized system is purely opaque, engaged in fees, insecurity and other issues.

In the existing financial system, those intermediaries obtain excess profit from asymmetry information. It's difficult for normal people to understand the flaw of agreement because the bargaining power is within company controlled by central system. Therefore, many people can not protect their own rights.

Low Efficient in Digital Assets

Using Ethereum to issue tokens for assets is inefficient and requires experienced developers to issue tokens; Insecurity may lead hackers to steal hundreds of millions of assets; they are not protected by law.

What we do

Charter: A platform/one-stop shop for trillions worth of assets to migrate to Tokenization

  • Efficient Token issuance
    Charter provides a standard layer of the contractual agreement. Without a technical foundation, Charter's Smart Contracts are invoked to quickly issue Token to assets. The assets under the chain will be decentered by assets and will be transferred to the chain.
  • Legal Compliance
    Work with the world's leading law firms and financial institutions to bring legal compliance with the existing legal system.
  • Token Transfer and Trading
    Provide trading platform, connecting more than 3,000 companies and related users, so that the value can be easily seen and understood. Protect Token's rapid turnover among qualified investors.
  • Organizational Governance
    This could help organizations free to carry out equity incentive plan and organizational governance through the native management agreement.
  • CAF provides Fuel and Better Opportunities to purchase Better Assets
    Contributing users can get Token Incentives with CAF Token.


Charter Network is a platform of smart contracts, which allow people and entity to issue their owns Charter Network Token, aka digital asset, which can use as a counter and ledger to declare the allocation of its own asset. Charter Network also has their own Token, named CAF, which can be used to pay the usage of smart contracts and is also only unit/cyptocurrency of settlement of Charter Network Token.

How we work

Why Chose Charter

High-quality Management Team

The founding team founded Kapbook. The core members of the team have been in business for nearly three years and got the investment funds of ZhenFund, HeiMa Fund, Linear Venture, Bertelsmann Asia Fund, PreAngel, China Growth Capital, Recruit and others.

Liable Commercial Resources

The founding team has helped over 3,000 high-quality enterprises, allowing fixed interests such as equity and options to become convertible value assets, saving startups about 85% of the cost and platform-managed option assets of about RMB50bn.

Innovative Technology Solutions

Establish a credible and secure protocol layer for issuing notices. Organize the stripped-down company logic into a secure and trusted smart contract to facilitate the company's own calls, resulting in Token, managing the organization, connecting people, and resources.

Team & Advisor

Rhys Lim
Project Leader

Management and strategy consultant that prides itself in creating a network of experts as both partners and clients. Since its induction in 2014, Rhys has overseen numerous academic and cultural events conducted under the consultancy platform. These included 2015's "One Belt, One Road" Conference. Rhys was also involved in the arrangement of academic seminar with Nanyang Technological University in 2016. Rhys has also arranged businesses of a variety of trades and industries to countries like Malaysia, China and Indonesia for business matchmaking and advanced project investments.

Bo Shen

Co-founder of Fenbushi Capital and Blockasset. Deep experience in traditional financial market - over 12 years in stock market, hedge fund and investment banking.

Lijie Wang

Founded PreAngel Fund in 2011, AMU under which is 1bn RMB. Current portfolio covers over 300 tech startups in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, New York and LA. Investment portfolio includes Energo(TSL, 维优元届(ETP) and NEO Author of 《Outlier Investor》

Yan Meng Technical

VP of blockchain at the largest Chinese IT community CSDN. Studied blockchain technology and science of coding since 2015, published blockchain articles in multiple media/publications;...

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Marketing Consultant

Master of Strategy Marketing from Imperial College. Years of experience in media and marketing. Previously worked at Sino Weibo, Microsoft. Participated in bitcoin trading in 2011; Investment manager in TMT and blockchain at PreAngel in 2016.


Whitepaper[CN] : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qsbr5fJVGCV0ARKONhH9CL_-l38FS-Js/view?usp=drive_web
Whitepaper[EN] : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PidLzhu7v1_5tJPOQEZ-BgfvPJCTozhZ/view
Bancor & Aragon. Charter worked exclusive with Kapbook and union to provide services for 3,000 companies.

a.a.The poor liquidity in real assets (such as equity, debt, options, real estate, etc.).

b.There is currently a lack of infrastructure and legal compliance facilities to support the issuance of Token for trillions worth of assets.

c.Issuing tokens based on Ethereum's existing smart contracts is not safe, and a slight modification of customization may cause events such as The DAO. And technically have a higher threshold.

d.Charter provides a secure, fast and customized Token distribution service that allows anyone, any organization, or any asset to issue their own Token.

Decentralization of assets in the agreement layer. 256 trillion U.S. dollars.
Polymath and trust token, are currently in the stage of raising funds.
Yes; For liquidity, asset distribution efficiency, and a safer Chartered Token
Yes, it’s the best carrier of contractual confirmation and cooperation contract.
Depends on kind of asset value; Yes, as new types of Chartered Token appear, more types of assets can be denser and safer.