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Preguntas frecuentes: Membresías compradas a través de Apple

Dado que su suscripción se compró en su dispositivo Apple, puede administrar, modificar o cancelar su suscripción desde su dispositivo.

Simplemente vaya a Configuración → ID de Apple → Suscripciones para ver las suscripciones compradas en su dispositivo. Para obtener más información, consulte el artículo de soporte de Apple a través de este enlace.

We recommend reaching out to Apple directly if you need assistance with updating your renewal.

Due to limitations with the App Store, we are unable to support upgrading users who subscribed to a Level Up Membership via Apple to an Ultimate Membership. If you’d like a hand upgrading and subscribed via Apple, contact us by clicking Submit a Request above and we’d be happy to help! 

Purchases of multiple memberships can be done via our website via this link! 

At this time, you can only purchase a Membership for one child on your iOS device via the App Store.

In order to qualify for our Family Discount, you must purchase your Memberships through the Prodigy website. For more information on the Family Discount, refer to this article.

If you’ve already subscribed through the iOS app and would like to get the Family Discount, please contact Prodigy Support through the Submit a request button at the top of this page.

In order to select one of our other Membership plans, you’ll need to make your purchase through the Prodigy website via this link.

Because the purchase is being made via Apple, Prodigy requires your email in order to validate if your account already exists. 

If you already have a Parent Account, we confirm your Parent Account and send you a copy of your receipt. 

If you do not have a Parent Account, we use the email to send you a copy of your receipt, grant you access to all the Parent features, and send you relevant emails such as report cards.


We do not support Family Sharing on Apple devices at this time.