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Preguntas frecuentes: tutoría en línea

Las sesiones cuestan $96 USD por 4 sesiones ($24 USD/sesión) o $30 USD por una sola sesión.

Puede comprar suscripciones de tutoría para sesiones semanales o quincenales (cada dos semanas). Estas sesiones serán el mismo día, a la misma hora.

Una suscripción quincenal cuesta $48 USD, facturada cada 4 semanas. Las suscripciones semanales cuestan $96 USD, facturadas cada 4 semanas.

You can sign up for a free consultation by visiting this webpage.

If you’d like to sign up another child for a free consultation, after completing the first you’ll need to close your existing tab and use the same link above.

You will then see the option to add another child for a free consultation!

We’d be happy to help develop a tutoring plan that fits you and your child’s needs! Reach out to us at 1-786-244-3558 to chat with us.

Parents are not yet able to change the current Learning Plan skill.  The Learning Plan currently allows parents to see what their child is working on with their tutor. 

If you would like to change the current Learning Plan skill, contact your child’s tutor and let them know!

New subscriptions can’t be created less than 25 hours from the current time or greater than 6 days in the future.  For example, if it is noon on Monday, you won’t be able to create your subscription until Tuesday at 1 pm at the earliest, or Saturday at the latest.

If you cancel a session outside of 24hrs or want to cancel your future sessions, contact your tutor by email with the dates and sessions you want to be refunded.  If you cancel your subscription, existing sessions are not automatically cancelled and refunded.

Future updates will allow you to remove unused cards.  Until then, tutors are listed on the cards next to your child’s name, and you can select the tutor you would like to have sessions with.

If you need to reschedule a single session, you can either inform your tutor via email, or you can submit a ticket using our Support Form, linked here.

Please be mindful of our cancellation/rescheduling policy which states that any cancellations or schedule changes must be done at least 24 hours ahead of a scheduled session to avoid any extra charges.

From your Parent Portal, simply select the tab Contact Us.

If you wish to make contact with Customer Service, simply click the Connect with Customer Support option and fill out the support form. 

Should you wish to contact your tutor, their email address will be available from that same “Contact Us” tab.