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Prodigio: ¿Qué es? ¿Dónde empiezo?

Prodigy es una plataforma de aprendizaje en línea divertida, alineada con el plan de estudios, adaptable y basada en juegos. Prodigy hace que nuestro contenido educativo alineado con el plan de estudios esté disponible para todos, para que podamos continuar esforzándonos por alcanzar nuestra meta de ayudar a todos los estudiantes del mundo a amar el aprendizaje.

Con más de 50 000 preguntas de matemáticas que abarcan los grados 1 a 8, los jugadores podrán ver a su propio mago hacerse más fuerte, aprender nuevos hechizos y adquirir nuevos equipos mientras se enfrentan a oponentes cada vez más poderosos, ¡todo respondiendo preguntas de matemáticas!

Prodigy es una excelente manera de apoyar el aprendizaje dentro y fuera del aula. ¡Mire el video a continuación para obtener más información sobre cómo usar Prodigy para el aprendizaje remoto e híbrido!

Gratis para usar

Ofrecemos suscripciones de membresía completamente opcionales para los estudiantes, lo que les da acceso a mayores niveles de personalización de personajes, la capacidad de recolectar una mayor cantidad de «mascotas», subir de nivel más rápido y acceder a una zona exclusiva.

No se requiere membresía para acceder al contenido alineado con el plan de estudios en el juego y la gran mayoría de nuestros usuarios hacen uso de la plataforma sin costo alguno.

Prodigy’s questions align themselves directly to many different curricula so you can ensure your students are getting content that matches what you’re teaching in class.

By aligned, we mean we arrange all available content by grade level and expectation (or standard) in keeping with the way it’s arranged in your curriculum. Plus, we’re adding new content all the time!

Learn more about the curricula we align with here: Curriculum Alignment

Prodigy makes use of a proprietary algorithm in order to automatically deliver appropriate material for students. When a student begins playing Prodigy, they’re automatically put through a placement test to determine the appropriate starting grade. Afterwards, we’re constantly examining their progress through our curriculum tree to determine the next skill they should receive. If they’re doing well on a topic, we’ll move them to the next one in the grade. If they’re struggling with a skill we’ll pull them back to a prerequisite to get some practice before giving them another shot.

Want more customization than that? We give teachers the option to assess their students’ knowledge of a skill by creating assignments for them. Assignments immediately insert selected skills into the game for students the next time they play. You’ll even get a report you can view during and after they complete it!

Want to align Prodigy with what you’re teaching in the classroom? Create a plan that will continually deliver the topic you’re teaching in class to your students in Prodigy for a predetermined period of time.

There are a variety of ways to access the no-cost world of Prodigy for teachers, students and parents on a wide array of devices!

Because Prodigy is web-based, students can play the game both in school and at home or even on vacation! Anywhere you have access to the internet, students can access Prodigy’s exciting online world.

We work hard to ensure Prodigy can be accessed on a wide variety of platforms including PCs, Chromebooks, iPads and Android devices. Either through a web browser or through our iPad or iPhone apps, students can play Prodigy on the breadth of devices available to them in the new and amazing world of technology we live in today.

View our supported platforms guide for more details!

RPG stands for «Role-Playing Game», which means you take on or «play» the «role» of a character in the immersive Prodigy world. When your students begin to play, they’ll start by creating a character that represents them in the Prodigy world. These characters have their own names, appearance, items and skills which develop and change as students play.



Ahora que comprende qué es Prodigy, la siguiente información lo ayudará a comenzar…

To start with, it’s important to know that Prodigy offers three different types of free accounts: 

Teachers – Used by teachers & home school teachers. This account designation can be used to access the logged in portions of the website and has access to all available functionality that Prodigy offers for an account such as assignment creation, reports and support for multiple classes. 

Parents – Very similar to teacher accounts however, are restricted from certain management tools made available to only teachers. For example, parents cannot create assignments and do not have classes. Great for monitoring student progress when played in school/at home! 

Students – Student accounts are used to login and play the game only. They’re not allowed access to the logged in components of the teacher/parent website which are restricted to parent/teacher account holders. They exist as entities in and of themselves and therefore, carry player data with them but lack basic management functionality such as the ability to recover or change their passwords. These management actions can only be performed on student accounts by teachers or parents that have them paired to their own accounts.

The first thing you’ll want to do is create and log in to a free Prodigy Teacher Account! 

Start by reading this article and creating an account

Once you’ve created your teacher account, it’s useful for you to go through the process of creating and trialing a student account.

Read the article below and recover your class code, in order create a student account. We encourage you to answer some questions as a student to get a feel for their experience. This will also populate your teacher account with some data, so we can explore your teacher features

Once you’ve created a student account and played the game, let’s return to your teacher account so we can explore some of its features!

Now let’s go and log back in to your teacher account! This article explains how:

After you login, you’ll be brought to your «classes» page. If you’d like to learn more about how to manage classes, check out this article:

Once you select a class you’d like to review data for, you’ll be brought to that class’ dashboard. To get an explanation of what data is shown there, check out this article:

From the class’ dashboard you can do a number of things such as view reports, print student login information or personalized letters to send home to parents, create assignments, align Prodigy content to your in-class content and change passwords and grade level for your students. Learn about all of these features by checking out the articles linked here: